Frequently Asked Questions

What is this campaign?

We are testing a new tool to allow contributors to respond to Firefox Playstore reviews at scale in their language.

When is the campaign?

The campaign runs from the 2nd to 9th of June.

Can I run an event outside the campaign dates?

Yes you can! However we encourage you to have your event in the campaign dates so you can coordinate with your fellow Mozillians.

How can I participate?

You can either host an event or participate in an event organized in your region.

Can I do the activity solo?

Of course you can! Just go to the Attend page and follow the instructions.

How does the tool work?

This tool makes it possible for volunteers to respond to reviews on the Google Play Store.

Using this tool, once your response is reviewed it will show up on the Google Play Store under the author “Mozilla” like in the image below, the user who wrote the review will be notified that they have been responded to.

How will moderating reviews work on the tool?

Through the tool all volunteers will be asked to both write AND review moderated posts.

Review Mechanism:

  • Every review must be moderated by 3 volunteers
  • The review must get 3/3 for positivity, ⅔ for addressing the issue, ⅓ for personalized to “pass”
  • “Passed” reviews will be posted to the playstore.

If we don’t have enough people for a certain language to moderate reviews, at the end of the campaign, staff will moderate remaining reviews using volunteers and online translation.